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Rio de Janeiro


Daniel Sena

I'm from Rio de Janeiro, I'm 39 years old and David Noah's father. I consider myself a happy and always moving.


Today, as a life purpose, I have the challenge of leading people to a time of new opportunities, freeing them from limiting beliefs and generating movement toward what makes them happy. All this through the paragliding flight in Rio de Janeiro.

Sena have been a Paragliding Pilot since 1999 and have more than 8,000 successful flights and landings, participating in international paragliding acrobatics competitions, as well as specialization courses in paragliding maneuvers with world-renowned pilots. Today I am grateful to have developed the ability to fly and even more to share with other people from all over the world.


I speak, for now, English and Spanish, I am a graduate in Computer Science, MBA in Marketing and I am personal and professional Coaching. I worked in the Telecommunications market for 14 years and now I am the QUEROVOAR.NET administrator and paragliding instructor.



Come fly without fear of being happy! This is my invitation to you that seeks to give more movement to your life.

Thank you!

Daniel Sena

pela manhã na pedra bonita
querovoar.net querovoar parapente
foto 360 no parapente
360 degree piture paragliding
paragliding pilot taking off.
sobre hoje meu amigo _tubaraoparalimpico Clodoaldo Silva medalhista paraolímpico colecionador de vit
Daniel sena Instrutor de parapente
querovoar.net opção numero 1
voando pela nuvem
propaganda wizard

Never let fear keep you from living your dreams.


Daniel Sena and Team

Cel Phone: + 55 (21) 998227377

Whatsapp: + 55 (21) 998225577

E-mail: info@querovoar.net 

whatsapp parapente daniel sena