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Embark on an exhilarating paragliding hanggliding flight

Whatsapp number +5521997172655

With Instructor Daniel Sena, a seasoned delight, With 22 years of experience in the sport, And rave reviews, a glowing report

Pedra Bonita, a breathtaking location, Taking off from 1500 feet, an awe-inspiring sensation, In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Just 20 minutes from Copacabana by car.

Starting from age 14, with parents by your side, For those under 260 pounds in weight to fly paragliding or under 170 pounds to fly hanggliding.

Low physical effort, low difficulty too, Accessible to many, including you.

Available every day from 9 am to 4 pm, Limited spots, so book in advance, a clever plan.

Online weather monitoring, to ensure the best, If the conditions aren't favorable, no need to be stressed, With PayPal guaranteeing your money back.

Capture the magic with a 4K GoPro movie, Recorded with you flying, a memory to be groovy, Sent to your mobile, a keepsake to cherish.

CBVL/ANAC Certified Instructors, skilled and trained, Ensuring your safety, a peace of mind maintained.

About 2 hours of full activity, an adventure to savor, Between 5 to 12 minutes flying, an unforgettable flavor.

The view, oh the view, simply sublime, Corcovado, SuggarLoaf, the lake, the mountains climb.

A thrilling adventure awaits, just great.

A dreamy place, Where you'll soar with grace and trace

As you fly, feeling free and flourish

Prepare for an experience of a lifetime

a convenient wrap, Flying with Instructor Daniel Sena, truly prime

Whatsapp number +5521997172655
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